Szimuláció és Optimalizáció Minikurzus, 2013. 05. 14-24.

Pintér János (Pinter Consulting Services, Inc., Canada)

Global Optimization - Model Development, Algorithms, Software, and Applications.

Date: 2013. 05. 14-24.

Location: Research Center of Vehicle Industry - lecture room - Inno-Share building 2nd floor


  • Introductions, Course Objectives
  • Operations Research, Optimization Models, and Solution Techniques
  • The Relevance of Nonlinear and Global Optimization
  • Local Nonlinear Optimization: Key Concepts
  • The Global Optimization Model and Several Important Special Cases
  • Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Global Optimization
  • Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Models and Solution Approaches
  • Modeling Environments and Solver Engines
  • Global (and Local) Nonlinear Optimization Software Implementations
  • Software Demonstrations
  • Modeling Tips and Solver Tuning for Better Performance
  • Numerical Tests and Benchmarking of Optimization Software
  • A Review of Existing and Prospective GO Applications
  • Illustrative Case Studies, Applications in Engineering
  • References and Further Information Sources

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