Szimuláció és Optimalizáció Szeminárium, 2013. 05. 22.

Pintér János (Pinter Consulting Services, Inc., Canada)

Global Optimization in Practice, With Illustrative Applications.

Időpont: 2013. 05. 22. 14:00 

Helyszín: Járműipari Kutató Központ JKK előadó terem - Inno-Share épület II. emelet


The objective of global optimization (GO) is to find the best solution in nonlinear decision models that (possibly or provably) have a multitude of global and local optima. GO is an area of increasing practical importance. We introduce a concise GO model form, followed by a summary of several key GO solution strategies and the LGO solver suite implementation. Next, we discuss several important engineering application areas that significantly benefit from a GO (and LGO) based solution approach. We conclude by highlighting some key research and implementation challenges.

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