Demonstration area

Győr is located in North-Western Hungary, halfway between Budapest and Vienna, on the E60 European route. The radial road network of the settlement connects Slovakia from the north, Austria from the west, Lake Balaton from the south and Budapest from the east to the town. The city is located in the heart of Kisalföld (" The Small Plains") which means that the whole city is flat. Two rivers (Raab and Mosoni-Duna) confluence in the city center.

Road nr. 1 cuts through the city with the heaviest traffic of the city. This gave us a good opportunity to test and validate our model.

demo area

Figure: Dimension of the simulation area. The size of the whole simulation area is 4200*4200*400 m.
Colours: blue – rough cell size range, green – transition cell size range, red – fine cell size range