Meteorological data

We use meteorologycal data predicted by AROME.

AROME (Application of Research to Operations at Mesoscale) is a non-hydrostatic numerical weather prediction (NWP) model (Seity et al., 2011). The AROME model has three main components: the non-hydrostatic ALADIN dynamical core (Bubnová et al., 1995), the atmospheric physical parameterizations, which are taken from the French Meso-NH research model (Lafore et al., 1998), and the SURFEX surface model (Le Moigne et al., 2009). A mesoscale data assimilation system with a three-dimensional variational (3D-VAR; Fischer et al., 2005) scheme for the upper-air and an optimum interpolation (OI) technique for the surface analysis provides reliable initial condition for the AROME model.

More information about AROME.

AROME simulation data for the Carpathian basin